Ramesh Gajria has acted as the sole arbitrator in several domestic commercial disputes. The firm has also represented clients in various arbitration disputes. We have also advised and assisted clients in drafting effective arbitration clauses.

As businesses grow in India, commercial disputes also rise. There is a growing need for alternate dispute redressal mechanism that can not only save time and money but which ensures a finality to the dispute. Arbitration is one such form of Alternate Dispute Redressal, governed by The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Parties to a dispute may agree in writing to submit all their disputes to arbitration even if their agreement does not contain an arbitration clause. Awards passed by the arbitrator are final and binding on the parties and disputes are resolved quicker than in any court proceeding. Many a times, delays do occur owing to various reasons. We endeavour to make hearings effective and productive so that delays are avoided. All disputes, however, are not arbitrable and there are some disputes that cannot be referred to arbitration, such as, criminal offences, guardianship matters, matters relating to probates, etc.