Documentation and Business Contracts

We help our clients to structure, negotiate and execute a wide range of business agreements such as:

Confidentiality Agreements: also called Non-Disclosure Agreements are legally binding contracts to treat specific confidential information as a trade secret and not disclose it to anyone unless authorised or legally bound to do so.

Service Agreements: are contracts governing the provisions of service. Every organisation enters into some kind of agreement with its employees or service providers setting out the nature of service, the term and expiry, consideration and other details.

Independent Contractor Agreements: are contracts between a person who is appointed by a company to complete a particular project or work. This work is assigned to an independent person who is not an employee of the company.

Licensing Agreements: are agreements where a person or an entity grants another a license to use the brand name, trademark, technology or any other property belonging to the Licensor.

Webhosting Agreements: are agreements between a web host company and the person who wishes to host its website on their platform. The web hosting company agrees to provide web hosting and other related services for a certain price.

Franchise Agreements: are agreements between a Franchisor and Frachisee setting out the terms and conditions of the franchise. The Franchisor permits the franchisee to use its trade mark and provides assistance to the Franchisee in setting up conducting the business under the Franchisee’s trade mark.

Memorandums of Understanding: is a type of Agreement describing the broad understanding that the parties have reached. It is a precursor to entering into a formal detailed Agreement. In certain circumstances it can be valid and binding on both parties.

Agreements for Sale of Property: are formal legally binding agreements entered into between the seller and the purchaser of any property setting out the various terms and payment schedule.

Leave and Licence Agreements: are agreements where the owner of a premises grants a temporary license to another for using the premises on certain terms and conditions in consideration of a license fee. Such arrangements are usually for a period of 11 months but can be for longer.