Wills and Probate

We, at Gajria & Co., are well aware of the problems faced when your loved one passes away and of the issues involved in preserving, managing and transferring the estate of the deceased. We advise and assist clients in drafting and execution of wills, private trusts, property succession.

It is extremely important to decide how your estate is to be distributed after your death to avoid confusion as to who gets a share your property and avoid litigation between your heirs. By making a Will you can ensure that your loved ones receive your assets as per your wishes. You can leave specific instructions about the arrangements for your funeral and obituary rites. You can name one or more Executors to administer your estate as per your will and wishes. The Executor has to collect your entire assets and distribute the same as per your wishes recorded in the Will.

Wills are contested by disgruntled heirs who feel that the will is improperly made because certain legal requirements are not met with or for various other reasons.

Our firm will assist you in drafting and execution of wills, private trusts, gift deeds and probate petitions. We also help in applying for and obtaining the Probate, Letters of Administration or Succession Certificate and in contesting any dispute raised by any heir.