Act aginst infringers -Urgent measures needed

Acting promptly against Intellectual Property (IP) infringers is crucial for several reasons:


  1. Prevent Further Damage: Not taking immediate action could further damage your brand, image, market share and result in heavy losses in your business. Taking timely action prevents the infringer from continuing to use your IP.
  2. Acts as a Deterrent: Taking swift action against an infringer, acts as a potent deterrent by sending a clear message that you are vigilant about protecting your IP rights. If you fail to do so, it encourages potential infringers to misuse your IP.
  3. Reduces Financial Loss: Not taking timely action can result in huge financial losses and ultimately loss of your IP itself.
  4. Protects Your Reputation: Generally, infringers are not concerned about maintaining the quality of their products and are interested in making a fast buck. Not only would sub-standard infringing products harm your reputation but any harm caused to the ultimate user could severely damage your reputation.
  5. Loss of Legal Rights: Many courts have held that the proprietor of any IP right may lose the right to obtain immediate relief if there has been any delay in approaching the court to enforce the IP right.
  6. Preserve your IP Value: Timely intervention helps preserve the value of your IP. The longer the delay in addressing the misuse, the more difficult it is to re-establish the exclusivity and value of your IP rights.


Acting immediately against infringers is essential to protect your IP and maintain its value. It prevents potential damage to your brand and business and demonstrates your commitment to enforcing your IP rights.


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